Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sample from Mind of a Woman

Watching one grow into death

Where did all the time go.

Seem to be change comes slow.

Aim at stars never touch.

Knowing you can’t expect much

Glows of a bitter past.

Memories never erase only mast

“Grass is greener on the other side”

Taking on personalities of a different mine

Personal reflection indefinite

Swirls of dust and cloud, then left in it

Emerge a modified version of what use to be

Sculpting the ever mass of thee

A sample from the book Mind of a Woman

Fallen Angel

Fallen from the stars above

Heart guard by one love

Love for the passion of living

But hatred for the passion giving

Giving up my soul is too much to bear

Going down that road without a care

Freeing up my inner demons, will make you flee

In hope that you will stay, makes it key

Passion turns me away and love has made it official

This makes easy to dismiss you

Giving up my soul is too much to bear

Going down that road without a care

Once was good now just consumed

The weight of the world got you feeling like a baby in womb

Wounded by the bullets of this world

Dodging the arrows of a past world

Giving up your soul is too much to bear

Going down that road without a care

Monday, September 7, 2009

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Mind of a Woman review

Simply a great book and a must have on all woman shelves- Gina

More reviews of Mind of a Woman

Me and my friends read Mind of a Woman, I never had a tough life or been abused.  But I can feel the pain in this woman thoughts.  This book made me change the way I view people in general.  Sometimes people have point of views because of the way things are going in their life. My friends all love the book.  I think the book is a must have on any woman shelf.- Miranda
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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mind Of a Woman

Mind of a Woman is a GREAT poetry book.  Inside this book we get deep thoughts from a woman with a hard life, abused and struggling with addiction.  These are the most inner thoughts of woman of such a nature.  She turns to God for comfort and help out of her addiction.  These are the very thoughts of the woman. I found my self-relating to the same struggles, having the same thoughts.  I also struggle with addictions and was abused by my father sexual. I can relate to everything in this book.  If you don't believe me just buy a copy of the poetry book. It was a life change book because I thought no one understood me but this author understood me pefectly- Joyce 
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